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I have a few complaints but I DO like this. First of all, the cutie marks look never changed. They always looked like the flank was upr...

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MLP FanFic Chapter 1
Silver Pie crashed into an old barn, now broken into shambles.
He got up and streched. "Whoa, I overshot that landing by a mile. That's so unlike me."
He looked around, "Hmmm, Where am I?" He tried to strech his wings out but one was broken.
"That rules out flying home." Silver Pie looked around again but this time noticed something different, the area he was in was covered in apple trees.
He walked around aimlessly until he found the town. He layed down and, exausted from the flight, fell asleep.
He woke up a few hours later in the hospital. "W- Wha? Where am I?"
He asked a nurse. "You're in the Ponyvile hospital. Applejack found you unconcious and brought you here."
Silver Pie layed back. It was too much for his mind do handle.
His home to Ponyvile in 10 minutes, maybe less. I'd like to see
Rainbow Dash pull THAT off. He thought to himself. He fell asleep.
The next time he woke up, a nurse asked him where he was from.
When he answered, she looked surprised. "How long were you flying?
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MLP FanFic Prolouge
Silver Pie's Journal:
5/15/11 Morn.
Today's gonna be a lazy day, just watchin' tv and occationally changing the channel. The girl, Rainbow Dash, is still popping up in the news. I need some fresh air. Maybe fly around a bit.
5/15/11 Noon.
So, I took a fly around for about 5 minutes then layed back on a cloud. Then, something strange happened, I saw a flash of light from Ponyville. That's on the other side of Equestria! Oh well, guess I'll see it in the news tonight.
5/15/11 Night.
I was right, it was in the news. Who was it? Rainbow Dash of coruse. I swear that girl is EVERYWHERE!
5/16/11 Noon/Night.
I woke up WAY too late. Luckily I didn't miss much. Nothing good was on anyway. My sister wants me to race. I'll race tomorrow because it's getting dark. I can't sleep so I guess I'll go to YouTube for an hour or two and sleep.
5/17/11 Morn.
I'm fully rested and ready for a good race. I'll bring this and a first-aid kit so I have something to do at the finish line and in case she gets hurt
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TD Curse: Returned Prolouge
Tails Doll Log
Today it is March 31, 2012. I was programmed exactly 1 year, 74 days, 23 hours, and 12 seconds ago. My mission has finally completed translation. I am to kill, I am the Tails Doll.
If you do not know me, you're a fool. I was programmed into an old video game, Sonic R, to scare kids into making horror stories on the internet. Now SEGA has updated me to live, breathe, and, more importantly, kill. I am a final copy of the garbage they started. I am the real tails doll.
My target goes by iDontKnow, but his real name is Steven. he is 13 years, 74 days, 19 hours, 41 minutes, and 2.38765 seconds old. Searching him in any database was futile, for he has nothing, almost as if he IS nothing, or no one. Oh well, the less he is known, the easier he will be to killed.
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Bronyland Pony Personality Test by FirefoxChrome Bronyland Pony Personality Test :iconfirefoxchrome:FirefoxChrome 1 27 You VS Real Life by FirefoxChrome You VS Real Life :iconfirefoxchrome:FirefoxChrome 1 5 20 Percent Cooler Wallpaper by FirefoxChrome 20 Percent Cooler Wallpaper :iconfirefoxchrome:FirefoxChrome 8 24 Cleverbot is now 20 percent... by FirefoxChrome Cleverbot is now 20 percent... :iconfirefoxchrome:FirefoxChrome 3 0 PIc of Me by FirefoxChrome PIc of Me :iconfirefoxchrome:FirefoxChrome 0 0
My schudule and something else
Starting from beginning of the week.
Monday- Tae Kwon Doe. its fighting
Tuesday- Church. Yeah I go to church now!
Wednesday- Starcraft 2.
Thursday- Soccer. Then after soccer season is over I have Tae Kwon Doe.
Friday- Tae Kwon Doe again.
Saturday- Soccer Games starting next week.
Sunday- Church.
On another note...
Look at me,
Look at you.T
Take my revenge that's what I'm gonna do,
Imma, warrior, baby what else is new and my blades gonna test me.
Bring it ~Jordan "CaptainSparklez"
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